Essential Cooling Tower Safety And Maintenance Tips

Essential Cooling Tower Safety And Maintenance Tips

Cooling tower maintenance is essential to extending the life of your cooling tower and ensuring that everything is working properly over time. But while the life of your cooling tower is important, so too is your health and safety. When it comes to proper maintenance, you need to make sure that you’re following cooling tower safety best practices every step of the way as well. 

To ensure that you and your equipment are well taken care of, here are a few helpful safety and maintenance tips you can use onsite. 

How Can You Stay Safe While Conducting Maintenance On Your Cooling Towers?

Regardless of whether you’re cleaning, disinfecting, or conducting maintenance on your cooling tower, there are a few major cooling tower safety tips that will go a long way in protecting you throughout the process. 

Arguably one of the most important cooling tower safety tips to follow is to always wear personal protective equipment (PPE). For cooling tower maintenance, PPE will often entail hard hats, goggles or safety glasses, respirators, high-top leather boots with a non-slip sole, and work gloves. You should also have equipment like full-body harnesses and shock-absorbing lanyards. 

Additionally, the last thing you want to contract is Legionella. Always try online disinfecting first, close all building outdoor intakes that are within the vicinity of your cooling tower, and follow all current regulations and guidelines attached to cooling tower cleaning and disinfecting. 

Even though things may appear safe or clean, the reality is that something can happen at any moment!

Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips For More Effective Operation

Once you know all the proper cooling tower safety guidelines and you have all of the equipment you need to begin working on your cooling towers, what exactly do you need to address to keep your cooling tower in working order? Here are a few areas to focus on when conducting cooling tower maintenance. 

  • Clean and disinfect your cooling towers regularly to prevent the development of and potential exposure to Legionella, the bacteria that can cause Legionnaire’s disease, a severe form of bacterial pneumonia. Also, remember that infected water doesn’t have to look dirty in order to contain this bacteria. 
  • Clean out chiller tubes, which can contain mud, algae, or scale. This can clog the tubes and lead to inefficient operations or a complete shutdown. 
  • Remove scaling that can corrode or impact the efficiency of your cooling towers. 
  • Align your water pump and lubricate the motor bearings, the pump, and the water seal. Conduct regular inspections of this pump.
  • Regularly assess your water quality. 

Cooling tower maintenance is simple, especially when you’re regularly addressing each of the aspects of your cooling tower throughout the year rather than waiting until a problem arises. 

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Cooling tower safety and maintenance can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with a cooling tower that needs major repairs. If you need support with cooling tower repairs and maintenance, contact us today to learn how we can service your needs!

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