Fan Lock Product Application

Hurricane Damage Prevention

The Fan Lock is a patented mechanical equipment locking system that can prevent tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your cooling tower by locking the mechanical equipment and preventing the fans from rotating in high winds. As wind speeds increase, unlocked fans will rotate at dangerous velocities. When wind loads are high enough to flex the fan shrouds into the rotating fan blades, the impact will result in shattered fan assemblies and irreparable damage to the fan shrouds. Further damage may also be done to the gear reducers, drive shafts, drive motors and the cooling tower structure. Our patented Fan Lock will prevent damage caused by the unchecked free rotation of cooling tower fans. Fan Locks can be provided and installed for a fraction of the cost of repairing hurricane damaged cooling towers. Cooling Towers LLC would be happy to provide a free demonstration of the merits of this device at your facility.


2x4 Wedged Against Driveshaft


Fan Blade Tied To Tower Structure

The Fan Lock not only protects in times of a hurricane, but also offers true lockout/tag-out functionality. Without a Fan Lock, the only methods available to stop the free rotation of a fan and secure the fan to resist further free rotation are through unsafe work practices. To stop free fan rotation, a 2x4 would be wedged against the driveshaft to create enough friction to overcome the momentum of the rotating fan.

To provide energy control, one end of a rope would be tied around a fan blade and the other end to the tower structure. These methods create obvious safety hazards and cause unnecessary stress on the tower’s mechanical equipment. Installing a Fan Lock eliminates these safety concerns and protects the service life of the mechanical equipment.

 The Fan Lock has an integral braking mechanism which reduces fan speed until it reaches a complete stop. The Fan Lock has an integrated hasp to install a lock and tag providing true lockout/tagout, in lieu of the traditional rope. The Fan Lock is made of 300 series stainless steel and can accommodate any size driveshaft hub. The Fan Lock’s clamp is lined with a low heat, non-metallic braking material which safely allows the Fan Lock to stop a rotating fan without damage to the mechanical equipment.


Protect Your Equipment with Cooling Towers LLC'S
Fan Lock - Mechanical Equipment Locking System.

Cooling Towers LLC would be happy to perform a
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