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package cooling towers

when space and time are limited, factory assembled cooling towers are a smart solution.

Factory assembled cooling towers: when high cooling efficiency is not required and space - or time - is minimal

When a cooling tower fails or must be taken offline for maintenance, it can be challenging if you don't have a contingency plan in place. Every minute your tower is out of service is a loss. Our package cooling towers are assembled and ready for immediate temporary or permanent installation. The factory assembled (FAP) cooling towers can be offloaded in one piece and lifted to your cooling tower’s location, including a slab, footings, or steel I-beams.

Sometimes a cooling tower is needed at a facility that doesn't have the space for a custom, field erected tower. Factory assembled cooling towers offer easy and fast transport and installation, and do not require the space needed for a field erected tower. 

Features & benefits of package cooling towers

  • Minimal disruption to your operation with a design that installs in 30 minutes or less per tower
  • Easy installation by bolted assembly
  • Lower environmental impact than shell and tube heat exchangers thanks to the elimination of an auxiliary water supply
  • Innovative design allows multiple tower modules to connect in order to accommodate any cooling requirement
  • Modular design reduces space requirements and lowers weight requirements for roof installations
  • Maintenance costs are reduced due to mechanical equipment accessibility at ground level
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

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