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HVAC Air Chillers on Rooftop Units of Air Conditioner for Large Industry Air Cooling system

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Cooling towers for commercial buildings are extremely energy efficient, recyling up to 98% of the water used by the facility.  As heat rejection systems, cooling towers release heat into the air by lowering the temperature of a water stream. Through a process of evaporation, a closed circuit system, or only air itself, cooling towers cool the process fluid and reduce it to close to the wet bulb or dry bulb air temperature. There are two classifications of cooling towers: natural or induced draft. Both types are used in office complexes, universities, hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, and other large commercial buildings as part of their HVAC equipment.

Cooling Towers, LLC Wants to be your partner for cost effective and efficient cooling systems

Cooling Towers, LLC understands the HVAC requirements of cooling towers for commercial building owners, which is why we are a leading provider of both field erected and factory assembled cooling towers, across a broad range of industries. Our experienced HVAC consultants and technicians receive extensive training and have many years of experience in the field, providing superior service and the highest quality products to our customers. Our knowledgeable team will help you understand the cost benefit and energy efficiency issues of your building and guide you in selecting the right system and equipment for your requirements. We want to go beyond the installation of your cooling system and provide you with the scheduled maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to your HVAC system to ensure its longevity.



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