thermal evaluation & upgrades

Periodic evaluations of your cooling tower's thermal performance will ensure its long-term cooling efficiency


Let our expert team make recommendations for the best solutions to improve your cooling tower's thermal performance.  

Cooling Towers, LLC can provide a full  evaluation of your cooling tower’s thermal performance and recommend performance improving measures. 

The thermal performance evaluation begins with establishing a “baseline” performance level.  This is the original performance of the cooling tower when it was purchased and installed.  Cooling Towers, LLC will then establish a predicted level of performance at which the tower currently operates.  The comparison of the original and current level of thermal capacity would provide a clear indication of the amount of thermal degradation that has occurred over the operating life of the tower. 

Finally, multiple performance upgrade options would be offered with specific improvement levels and associated costs.  All data is presented clearly and logically and tailored to our customers’ specific needs, so that our customers can make an informed decision on their cooling tower’s thermal performance.

Site Preparation for a Thermal Performance evaluation

  • Pitot tube taps in the pipe(s) delivering water to the cooling tower
  • Taps should be installed for measurement of water temperatures if required.
  • At the time of the evaluation, safe access to all elevated points of measurement must be provided.
  • A power source for test instruments should be easily accessed adjacent to the tower. On large towers, multiple power sources are preferable to minimize the amount of extension cords.
  • Any water bypasses should be closed and inspected to ensure there is no leakage.
  • Any source of air leakage should be closed/blocked.
  • Management should designate an internal project coordinator qualified to integrate the testing activity and the normal process operation.
  • An electrician or qualified operator should be available to assist in the measurement of fan power on mechanical draft towers.
  • All personnel involved in the evaluation should be advised in advance of any specific safety issues at the site.
  • The tower should be clean and ready for testing before the evaluation team arrives.

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