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fin fan heat exchangers

when water isn't available

fin fan

When water isn't available, air cooled heat exchangers are a cost-effective and efficient cooling option.

Performing annual preventive maintenance on the mechanical components of a fin fan ensures the longevity of the equipment and optimal performance of the fin fan

Cooling Towers LLC will inspect and service all of the mechanical equipment components which includes:

  • Report of each mechanical component providing the current status of the components and highlighting any current or possible future issues.
  • Inspection of the fan blades for damage, wear and pitting. 
  • Inspection of the torque on the fan blades connecting hardware. 
  • Set the fan blade pitch to draw optimum airflow, and also set the fan blade tracking to within the manufacturer's tolerances. 
  • Inspection of the fan hub for corrosion and loose hardware.
  • Inspection of the gear reducers, including oil lines and vents, as well as the pinion and fan shaft for backlash and radial movement. 
  • Rotation of the shafts and check for abnormal noises or restrictions. 
  • Gear oil will be replaced with  new EP Compound 220 gear oil. 
  • Inspection of the driveshaft's couplings for excess wear and damage. 
  • Check the grommets or shim packs for distortion. 
  • Align and record driveshaft settings at the motor and gear couplings.  
  • Check the motor shaft rotation for smooth operation or radial movement. 
  • Grease the motor bearings, and check all hold down bolts for proper torque.​

Advantages of Fin Fan Cooling Towers

  • No problem arising from thermal & chemical pollution of cooling fluids
  • Flexibility for any plant location and plot plan arrangement(installation over other units)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Easy installation by bolted assembly
  • Lower environmental impact than shell and tube heat exchangers thanks to the elimination of an auxiliary water supply.

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